Illegal Arrest, Torture Fabrication of Charges and Remand.

Viduwanse 3

Viduvansha Gunaratna, age 23, married with one child occupation carpenter. This is the complaint he has made to the human rights commission national police commission and the inspector general of police.

On 30.01.2016. When I was on the way to meet a friend in Bekkegama a police jeep of Panadura police stopped near me in front of a shop run by the owner called Pushpa. It was happened on 26.01.2016 at around 12.15 noon. One police officer who was in civilian clothes got down from the jeep and came to me and inquired me about the motorcycle which I was brought.

I told him that it was taken by the owner. Then he started to search me and assault me saying that ganja was in my possession. I told him to refrain from putting hands to my pockets that I was ready to remove my trouser and show. He then told the police officer of crime branch who was in front seat of the jeep that I did not allow to search.

Then he got down from the jeep and came towards me and dragged me to the jeep. They did not allow me to seat and put me on to the floor and the police officer in civilian clothes assaulted me. These two policemen assaulted me dragging my face hair and bending the neck.

After that I was brought to the Panadura south police. The jeep entered to the police station from the back gate. They took me to the police and put me to the ground and again assaulted me. They removed my shirt and tide my hands using it and had taken me to the upstairs while assaulting me. I was taken to near a toilet where were beds. They assaulted me saying to remove clothes I was fully naked.

I was assaulted while putting me on to the floor and bending my neck. They kicked me. The police officer called Terence assaulted my hands legs neck and body using  a pole. They stood me on my two legs and assaulted my soles. He went given the pole to the police officer who was in civilian clothes. He too assaulted me using the pole. It was taken about a half an hour. Then they put me stood up and bend and searched my anus.

When the assault was continuing the police officer called Prabath came and put me a chair to sit. When I was seated in naked he had asked me details and I described.

When I was talking the other police officer held my hair to the chair and assaulted my neck and chest. After an hour I was dressed and seated on a bench as they said. After 20 minuted they put me into the cell.

Then reserve police officer said I could not put in to the cell but the police officer said it was not your business but the order of the Mr.Terence. At around 3.30 pm the police officer who assaulted me in civilian clothes came and written down my name and address.

I was inside the cell with pain. The family members and friends came to see me. I said them in detail what had happened. The following day the officer who goes courts came and written down my name and address in a book. At around 10.30 in the morning I and two others were brought to Panadura Magistrate court by a try shaw.

Tryshaw was a one from road. The policeman said they charged ganja against me and said if I would plead innocence I would be remanded for 14 days and told me to plead guilty if I would be unable to pay the fine they said they would put me to community based correction.

At the court the judged asked me whether I was guilty or not guilty to the possession of 10g of ganja. I said guilty according the instructions of the police There was no way for me to get legal representation.

The fine was Rs.6000/=. I paid it. The lawsuit bearing number was 34911. The date was 27.01.2016. The receipt number was 0-381154.

I went home. At night my condition turned worse. On 27.01.2016 I went to Panadura base hospital to take treatment. I was put to ward number one. I mentioned that I was assaulted by the police. The hospital police made influence on me. They said no need for lawsuit and refrained me from examine by the judicial medical officer. I was discharged on 29.01.2016. But my condition is not good I would admit to the hospital again.

I request  to take legal actions against the police officer Terence a policeman in civilian clothes attached to Panadura police for illegal arrest illegal detention fabrication of charges and torture and inhuman and degrading treatment.

I certify above information is true and correct.

මෙම ලිපිය සිංහලෙන් කියවීමට පහත සබැදියාව හා යොමු වන්න.


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