True Prisons;- “Sleeping like “saman” packing”

DSC_0505I am Sammu Frank Ranasinghe. I am 48 years old. I engage in fishing as my living. I am married with two children. Rathgama police arrested me. Police put a bottle of illicit liquor. I had earlier offences. I was convicted for ganja. It was four years ago. It was heard before the Galle Magistrate court. I was in the Galle prison.

The food was not good. The toilets were bad. There were 80 persons at the ward. There were only six toilets. The number of all convicted and suspected were about 400. If we need something at night we have to call an officer. There must be a jailer to open the door. Bathing was difficult. There was no library.

On 2011 I went to prison and stayed there for 4 months and 10 days. Sleeping was difficult, It was like packing saman. (Tin fish) There was lack of medical facilities. Only asprine and panadol were available. There was no sexual harassment.

Jailers assault prisoners. They assault the innocent. They use batons to assault them. The outsiders throw ganja and drugs over the wall. Return insiders throw money. Then also the officers beat them. The officers also bring drugs inside.

In 2014 I was put to community based correction. I worked at the Ginthota school. It was 10 hours for 10 days. I did it only one day after that I did not go there. Because I under went hernia operation. The community based correction is very good. It is better than staying in the prison. It is good for the persons inside the prison.



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