True Prisons ;- 2012 WELIKADA Massacre Interview with Diluk’s family.


Deceased; – Hewawitharanage Diluk Sanjeewa Rajapaksha

Interviewed his father and mother on 2014.08.11/12

He was killed at the age of 32. He was resided at 31/14 A1Samudrasanna place, Mount Lavinia. He was killed on 9th November 2012. He did painting and mason work for living. He was a father of one child. Now his daughter is four years old. His wife is N. P Damayanthi Udeshika. His mother is Malani De Silva, house wife. His father is Hewavitharanage Kusumpala Rajapaksha doing paintings as a living. He (Father) has work some days. Some days he doesn’t have work. He earns Rs.1200/= per day. He says it is difficult to live with this money. He had one elder sister and a younger brother.

Diluk was a convicted  prisoner at Welikada prison. His term was three months. He was killed 5 days prior to his release. Mount Lavinia police arrested him. He signed for a bail but that person was gone abroad and he was arrested. He had earlier offences. Those cases were related to drugs. He had two lawsuits. He had taken drugs.

They came to know his death on 09 November 2012 at about 7pm. One person in Welikada prison gave a telephone call to Diluk’s father. He informed that Diluk was shot near the Buddha statue.

The body was at Borella mochery. The body was brought to his grandmother’s house. His father attended JMO inquiry. He identified the body. Still they did not receive the death certificate. He had no marks of assault on the body. The bullet was going the upper side of naval. The case bearing number was B 6540/02/12 at Number 02 Magistrate Court Colombo. His parents were not informed about the case.

This is injustice. He did not attend any disputes. He used to take drugs while working. He supported his family and parents financially. His father says they like to seek justice because he was not a criminal.

Diluks' relatives 01Diluk's relatives


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