Pannilage Inoka Premashili is a 39 years old married mother with three children. She resides at 83/1 Pirivena Road, Pinwatta, Panadura. On 11.07.2014 she has made complaints to the Chairman Human Rights Commission and the Inspector General Of Police. On 11.07.2014 at about 12.30 in the afternoon a constable attached to Pinwatta police came to her house and said that the big gentleman told him to accompany her to the police station. She asked what the reason was. He said a bottle of arrak found in the next door garden. So she went to Pinwatta police station. The Officer In Charge said a case on regarding the bottle of arrak would be filled against her. He also threatened her that arrak is with you no others and said her to wait without hearing filth. He told her to bring someone to give bail before 2.45 pm. Her husband engages in selling arrak. He is a person convicted. She said it is a crime to file a case on her because of another person’s bottle of arrak. It is also an illegal act. She requests the relevant authorities to stop the Officer In Charge from planting a fabrication of charge against her.