My name is H. W Nuwan Kumara. I am a 20 years old married father with one child. I reside at Kalawila, Beruwala. I was in Kalutara prison for 19 days as a suspect. I went inside on 22.06.2014. I could not eat food which was supplied by the prison. I ate only what brought from home. When I was in the cell there were enough facilities to bath. After that I was shifted to a ward. When I was there I did not have a bath for seven days. They made a cup cutting half of an empty liter water bottle and gave seven cups of water to have a wash only. No soap. Toilet facilities were good but no doors. I was not assaulted inside the prison. I did not see the prison officers assaulted the other detainees. There was no sexual abuse. No library facilities. No books. Only one newspaper for the entire ward. The old comers only read it. I did not see ganja heroin or cigars inside. Some smoke tobacco. I was being just seated and thinking when I am going outside.