Mirihana Police Brutality.


Punchihewage Sujith Perera is a 22 years old unmarried youth doing livestock. He resides at 54/60/01 4th lane, Hirana, Panadura. On 08.07.2014 he has made complaints to the chairman, Human Rights Commission and the Inspector General of Police.

On 05.07.2014 at about 12 pm two persons entered into his house saying that they were from police. Because of the sound his mother wake up first and next him. They were in civilian clothes. They said they had to record a statement and asked him to accompany them to the police station and also they said his two friends were also there. They did not disclose the reason and instead of this confirmed he would be brought back to home.

Sujith was put inside a black tryshaw which they came. When it reached the road it turned to Kidelpitiya side. He said if he would be taken to Panadura police then the tryshaw should be turned to this side. They told him to shut up and brought to Kasbewa. After passed Kesbawa they served him tea from a small boutique. When the vehicle had started to run he tried to chew betel then they tied a black cloth covering his eyes. They did not disclose where he was taken. He was taken to a room held by his shirt color. One person asked him whether he would give goods. He asked which goods. Then that person said he knew where cattle taken and said to disclose it. Sujith said that he did not know.

The person said he would ask the question only three times. Again the same question repeated. He said he did not know. Again asked the same question he said he did not know. The person who held his neck asked whether he knew this sir. He said no. Then that sir said to give him to take and assaulted his face. Sujith fell down to the ground. When he stood up he was assaulted again. After that he was taken to a another room. There he was assaulted four times to his face and removed the strip of cloth which covered his eyes. At that time he identified he was assaulted by Mubarak who was earlier attached to Panadura police. Sujith also came to know that he was brought to Mirihana police.

After that he was handcuffed and made him sat on the floor. After that a shopping bag contained petrol put to his face which was held until he was difficult to breath. After that they removed handcuffs. They put his one hand to his back taken over his shoulder and again cuffed it with the other hand. They put a pole through the cuff and held him to a box and a door and made him hang on. After that he was assaulted to his soles. After hanging him he was brought to down. Then a telephone call came and Mubarak answering it and said all the torture was given to him but he did not say anything.

Sujith was put on to the ground. His two hands were put through his kneels and cuffed. Then Mubarak stood on his feet and assaulted his soles using a pole. He made about 20 blows. Mubarak did it continuously. After the assault Sujith was said to be stand up and told him to jump and also told him hold his hands up and down. After that he was held near a table and cuffed his leg to a leg of the table and asked him to sleep.

The following day morning one police personal took Sujith and other five to a canteen. The other five brought him a fish bun and a tea because he had no money. Mubarak came at 9 am and said him that he would give. At 12 noon Mubarak said that he would be sent. Mubarak told him that he knew him and his grandfather. He further said if your grandfather would come you would be released otherwise you would be sent planting drugs.

After that Mubarak called Sujith’s grandfather over the phone and said there was a friend here come and take him. He further described he was given only to Wimale. Sujith’s grandfather’s name is Wimale and who resides in Horana and does charm. His grandfather is weak in hearing so Mubarak gave receiver to Sujith and tell him to say. When Sujith calling his son was answering. So Sujith described him.

After that Mubarak threatened him not to go police or admit in hospital if so he would be sent inside planting drugs. After that Mubarak asked him whether he could give a one hundred thousand to Jayasena a resident of Kiriberiya Polikiriyawatta Galpoththa. He said he could not do it. Mubarak further said don’t suspect Jayasena or Hemantha in Kongahakotuwa.

At about 3 pm Sujith’s grandfather and few relatives came to Mirihana police. Mubarak told that he was given because of Wimale and told not to allow him to complain or admit at hospital. After came outside they took his signature to a paper which was written and took his thumb impression into another paper. After that he told him to be out of the village for two three weeks.

It was at about six in the evening when he came home. At night his situation became worse. The following day ( 07.07.2014) morning at about 9 am he came to Panadura base hospital. He was admitted at the hospital. He described what was happened to him at the hospital. He stated that police personal Mubarak had assaulted him. At about 9 pm the hospital police post recorded a statement from him. He disclosed Mubarak from Mirihana police assaulted him. On 08.07.2014 the Judicial Medical Officer had examined him. He also described to him that he was assaulted by Mubarak. At about 11 am an officer of the intelligent unit of Panadura police came and noted down the details from him. He told him the details. He was discharged at 1 pm.

When I was in the hospital at 12 noon a person called Jayasena acting behalf of Mubarak with seven others exhibited posters mentioning that Miya is a thief.

Sujith requests disciplinary and legal actions against Mubarak.


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