Stink eggs stink at police.


Piyatissa Vithana is a 53 years old married father with two children works as a laboratory assistant attached to the Department of Rubber Technology and Development, Thelawala, Ratmalana. He resides in Vithanagoda, Payila Kanda road, Kithulgoda, Agalawatta.

On 03.07.2014 he has made complaints to the Chairman, Human Rights Commission and the Inspector General Of Police. He has been working there since 1998. On 01.07.2014 the head of the technological division Ms. Dilhara Edirisinha instructed him to attend early on 02.07.2014 and do the cleaning.

On 02.07.2014 at 7 am he reported to work and went to the guard room near the gate and signed and took the key of the technological division. He and the security officer went to the technological division and opened the door. He put his thumb impression to the finger print machine. After that he did the cleaning at the technological division. At about 8.30 in the morning he finished his work. After that he helped the research officer of the technological division called Ms. Shriyani Yapaa.

At about 9 am Ms Dilhara Edirisinha had told him that the director called him. When he went to meet him he saw the director chatting to about six police personal. At the very moment the director saw him he told the policemen that he was the person who threw stink eggs. The police personal leveled a charge of throwing eggs to him in a threatened manner. At that moment he came to know that he was being suspicious for thrown an egg to the wall of the room of the deputy director Susantha Siriwardana. He said that he did not know anything. There were about 35 fellow workers gathered there.

He was arrested in front of all of them and brought to the Mount Lavinia police. At the police station he was being interrogated. After that he was brought back to the office with a cameraman. The cameraman had taken photographs of the place where the eggs thrown. Then he was informed to appear in the Mount Lavinia police at about 4 pm.

He went there after finishing his work at about 4 pm. At the police station the administrative officer of the department Ms. Premakanthi Mandalawatta, the clerk called Nuwan Bandara, and Kalum attached to security division were there. In front of all the Head Quarters Inspector (HQI) blamed him and threatened and forced to plead that he had thrown the egg. A statement was recorded from him.

When he refused the charge a police officer squeezed his stomach and made him suffer. The deputy director Susantha Siriwardana who leveled the charge of throwing an egg against him was also there. In front of him the HQI threatened him if any thing wrong happens inside the office he would be made guilty. After that the police allowed him to go.

He requests to the relevant authorities to take legal and disciplinary actions against the HQI and the other police officers attached to Mount Lavinia police who violating his fundamental rights and made him suffer physically and mentally.


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