True Prisons;- Comfort Deposit Rs.2000/=


He didn’t like to disclose his name. He didn’t like to face the camera. So we call him X. He was in Galle prison for five months from 14th May 2013. He was a suspect for the charge of possession of heroin. According to him at prison there were no library facilities. For the entire prison there was only one newspaper. The ward which he was in no one read books. He said he read a piece of newspaper which wrapped the packet of rice. He was unable to eat food. They ate what brought from their homes. His wife deposited Rs.2000/= in an account number which was given to him by the convicted detainee every month. For this he received enough water to bath. In one room there were 08 detainees but it was enough for 04 detainees. He slept on the floor and no mats. The toilet facilities were very bad. They were overflowed during the rainy season. There were no doors. But the walls were built to the top. The prison officers assaulted detainees. Sometimes there was no reason for theses assaults. There were drugs inside and it was a known factor to the prison officers. The officers brought phone inside. There were occasions that some officers were caught for drugs. He said he received every facility inside for the money.


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