True Prison;- Lankadeepa only.

Mr. G. V Indrasiri is a 44 years old married father with four children. He resides in Bentotage Watta, Pitiwella, Bussa. He engages in fishing industry and carpentry as a living. He was detained in Galle prison as a suspect for five months from 31st June 2013. He was charged under the fire arms ordinance. In a one room there were 8 to 9 detainees but it was enough only to 4 to 5 detainees. He didn’t know whether the prison has library facilities. There were only one newspaper. It was Lankadeepa. (A Sinhala newspaper) In that also some parts were deleted. Some detainees read books brought from home. The food was like water no salt no chilli. In the rainy days there was enough water to bath but during the dry season no water. The toilets were closer to the bathing place. There were overflowed. The stint was immense. There were no doors and walls built half. The entire Galle prison which was built for 200 detainees now consist 998 detainees when Indrasiri was there. According to him detainees slept like packing coconuts. He slept on the floor. There were no mats. The prison officers didn’t assault him. But they assaulted other detainees. When an officer found a phone he or she assaulted detainees. There were drugs, ganja, abin and cigars inside. There were brought inside by the officers. The officers fulfilled the drug need of a detainee for Rs.10,000/=.


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