True Prisons;- Soap for Clean Toilets.

A. H Shiyanthi is a 47 years old married mother with four children. She makes fishing nets and ropes as a living. She resides in Pitiwella, Bussa, Galle. In 2003 she was remanded in Galle prison. The charge against her was possession of heroin. She said that there was no sexual abuse inside the prison. They could lend books and newspapers from the office and read. There were facilities to worship the Buddha. But there were no library facilities. It was difficult to eat food she ate what was brought from her home. In the morning one group had a bath and in the evening another group had a bath. The water was enough. They themselves had to clean the toilets. In the morning toilets were good but at night it was difficult to use them. They were closer to the ward. The space of the ward was enough for six detainees but there were 12 detainees. They had to sleep on the floor laying clothes. There were no mats. The jailers and guards were not engaged in assault. There were no drugs and no phones inside. The convicted detainees cleaned garbage. According to her that they had given piece of soap to the convicted detainees and made them clean the toilets.


ප්‍රතිචාරයක් ලබාදෙන්න

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