Asantha Nuwan Thilekaratna is a 17 years old youth resides in No 31, Dobawela, Mahawela, Matale. He works as a sales representative. He was remanded in Pallekale prison from 30.05.2014 to 03.06.2014. He was charge for driving without a licence. There was no library facility or newspapers at the prison. Difficult to eat food. He had to sleep on the floor without a mat all were a complete mess. All were over crowded. All had to sleep in a small space. It was difficult to use toilets. There were no doors and half built walls in the toilets. The water was enough for bath. He had to sleep closer to the toilets. The jailors and guards blamed detainees using bad language and engaed in torturing detainees. The prison is a very bad place, where all drugs and ganja were available. He saw evrywhere at the prison that small groups were gathered and smoke cigars, ganja and drugs.