A well planned crime by railway authorities.

Nalaka Disanayake Kurunegale, Maradana Train Incident
K Nalaka Prabath Dissanayake is a 34 years old married person lives in De Mel housing, Kolapalaikanda, Theliyagonna, Kurunegala. It was happened on 26.05.2014. He works as a computer clerk at department of trustees no 02, Bullers mavatha, Colombo 07.

On 20.05.2014 at about 5.38 am he was waiting for the train departure to Pettha Colombo from Mahawa. The train arrived to Kurunegala station after 20 minutes late at time of 6 am. It slowly reached to the Polgahawela station after late for 45 minutes. He was near the door of third apartment from the engine.

He got down and stood aside the platform to give passengers space to get down at Polgahawela station. At that time he saw crowd were gathering near the engine.

Suddenly the train started to go without noising the hone. Some people on the platform got into it but I was unable to do so. So I got into the train which was departure to Moratuwa from Polgahawela. This train stopped at the signal post which was ahead at Alawuwa station. At that time I saw Mahawa Pettha train stopped ahead.

I and the other passengers who would departure to Colombo Petta got down from the train depature to Moratuwa and went to get into the Mahawa Petta train. When we were going there we came to know that passengers who were waiting at the Alawuva station and passengers of Mahawa Petta train had a verbal dispute with the driver of the train.

The passengers of Moratuwa train came to the Alawuwa station. At that time a group of people were blocking the train track and protesting against the train delays. An officer of the department of railway came at about 10 am and stopped the protest by promising that no train delays would not occur in the future.

At about 10.30 am Mahawa Petta train was departure from Alawuwa. I too was got into that train. The train reached to Maradana station at about 11.35 am. The train stopped at the fifth platform of Maradana station. When we went near the staircase to go outside a group of about 20 people started to assault passengers using poles, and their hands and legs.

This group included persons who were wearing uniforms of train drivers and civilian clothes. The passengers were run this and that way to escape from assault and he was also with the crowd. He fell on to the train tracks from 6th platform. With him another person was also fell down. Both of them were assaulted. Assaulters used poles stones and their hands and legs to assault who were fallen to the railway tracks.

Nalaka and the other who were seriously wounded caught by the two railway security personals who jumped forward. After that both of them were taken to the railway security room. At the room they were arrested by Maradana police. After taking to the police station they were put inside the cell. At that time they were seriously wounded and bleeding. But the police did not pay any attention and detained them until 12 noon.

The driver and the helper came to the police and gave a statement. At about 4 pm the police recorded statements from both Nalaka and the other one and produced before the Maligakanda Magistrate court. The charge against them was assaulting the train driver at Alawuwa station. Maradana police requested the Magistrate not to give bail because they threatened the strike of railway drivers. But they were released on bail after considering the matters submitted by their lawyers.

Nalaka went to Maradana police again and took the medical form to admit to the hospital. He did it because the police not produced him before a doctor due to the need of the railway driver and the security officers although he was seriously injured. Nalaka admitted to Kurunegala teaching hospital at about 10pm on the same day that was 20.05.2014. He was discharged on 22.04.2014 but he is still under medication.

He can identify all the train drivers including the driver of Mahawa Petta train who had assaulted him. This driver admitted to the hospital going in a ambulance after assaulting Nalaka. This was a well planed assault with the support of railway authorities. It was proved because all most all the CCTV cameras in Maradana railway station were switched off at that time. Nalaka states that his fundamental rights are violated. He requested the human rights commission in written form to implement the law against all of them who were involved in this crime and seeks a reasonable compensation.


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