NA/05/11/2012 AG instruct to release the suspect in a burnt to death case.


Pulaa Durayalage Shriyani Ramyalatha is a 36 years old married mother with four children and her occupation is farming. She resides at No 63, Nilabamma Viyaparaya, Saliyaveva junction.

Muddara Pedilage Sunitha Sadamali was her daughter. She was only 16 years old and was studying in year 11 class at P/Saliya Adarsha Maha Vidyalaya.

When Sadamali accompanied her younger sister to Saliya Adarsha school, she met one Wijesundara Pedige Thusitha Priyangara (25 years old) who accompanied his brother to the same school. When both were chatting near the school, the principal kicked Sadamali and handed over both of them to Saliyaveva police.

Thusitha is working as a civil defense soldier attached to Saliya Wewa police.

Saliya wewa police informed Sadamali’s parent through a neighboring woman to come to the police station. According to the police message Sadamali’s parent went to the police station. At that time, Thusitha’s mother also was at the police station. The OIC  Ranjith Abeynayaka gave advise to both the parties and advised  Sadamali to attend school and released both of them.

After that Sadamali’s parents accompanied her to their home.

The following day when Sadamali’s parent came home after working in their vegetable garden, Sadamali was not found at home. However after searching they found her at Thusitha’s house. When Sadamali’s parents went there Thusitha’s mother told them that Sadamali was staying at their home without any trouble and if she would be taken away from there, then her son would consume poison and commit suicide.

After that Sadamali’s parents returned to their house leaving their daughter there.

Both Sadamali and Thusitha lived in Thusitha’s house. Both Thusitha and Sadamali visited Sadamali’s house. On one occasion, Sadamali complained to her mother that Thusiths very often harassed her and scolded her. She also said that Thusitha beat her and asked to steal money from her house. According to Sadamali’s mother Sadamali, time to time, obtained money from her house and the parent also financially helped her to live amicably with Thusitha.

One day when Thusitha visited Sadamali’s house, Sadamali’s mother blamed and told him not to compel Sadamali to steal. After that both Sadamali and Thusitha left the place. After that Thusitha scolded Sadamali and abandoned her.

The following day Sadamali’s mother lodged a complaint at the Saliya wewa police. Sadamali was summoned to the police station. A confession was recorded and she was directed to Puttalam hospital with a female police officer. After getting treatment there for two days, she was transferred to Chilaw hospital. She was treated there for three days. Saliya wewa police filed a lawsuit at the Puttalam Magistrate Court. Bearing number of the case is BR 231/11. The next court hearing will be on 19.02.2013.

Due to the interference of Sadamali’s parent and information about Thusitha’s whereabouts, he was arrested by Saliyawewa police and remanded for 14 days and later he was released on bail.

On 28.05.2011 while Sadamali’s parent not at home Thusitha compelled Sadamali to grab Rs14,000/- cash and go with him. Sadamali’s parent lodged a complaint at Saliyawewa police  regarding the matter on the 29.05.2011. The police summoned both Sadamali and Thusitha to the police station on 30.05.2011 and the officer who made the inquiry, blamed both of them. Thusitha handed over Rs.6,000/= out of that Rs.14,000/= to Sadamali’s parent. Without caring the protest of Sadamali’s parent Sadamali went along with Thusitha.

After two months once again, both of them quarreled with each other and started to visit Sadamali’s parent’s house.

Sadamali told her mother that Thusitha scolded and assaulted her on 03.12.2011 when she asked Thusitha to withdraw jewelries mortgaged by him.

Sadamali’s mother went to Thusitha’s house and asked him as to why he assaulted her. For that Thusitha replied that Sadamali compelled him to release the mortgaged jewelries. Then Sadamali’s mother asked him whether it was right to assault for that. Sadamali’s father also came there. An argument arose between Sadamali’s parent Thusitha and his parent. Sadamali prepared to come with her parent. At that time, Thusitha threatened her saying that if she would go with her parent, then he would consume poison. So, Sadamali remained at his house because of the fear of his blackmailing.

On the same day at night both of them fought with each other and Thusitha severely assaulted Sadamali.

On 05.12.2011, a policeman walking on the road told Sadamali’s mother that her daughter had faced a problem and asked her to go and see. When she went to Thusitha’s house nobody was there.

Then she went to Saliyawewa police and the police told that her daughter was burnt and told to go and see her at the hospital. Until then, the police did not inform Sadamali’s parent.

So, she went to the Puttalam hospital. Her daughter was seen admitted and treated in ward number 02. Her entire body was burnt. Her mother asked her as to what happened, however she said nothing but started to cry looking at her.

When on 06.12.2011, Sadamali’s mother again went to see her daughter; she told her that on 04.12.2011 at 7.00 am in the morning Thusitha told her to make a cup of tea. She told him to wait for a while, because of the body pain due to the assault she had to remain sleeping. Suddenly she had felt cold and warm. Thusitha had thrown kerosene oil over her body and burnt her while shutting the door of the room; Thusitha had left the room leaving the door closed.

On that day, she had to sleep on the floor without a mat; she had shouted because of pain. Later when Thusitha came there, he had thrown a bucket of water onto her body. He went away again and had come after a short while and had applied a cream on her body.

Later it was disclosed that the cream was brought from a pharmacy owned by a person called Wennappu Mahaththaya. Thusitha had gone in front of Sadamali’s house to buy the cream however he did not tell anything to her mother.

Without taking her to a hospital, he had taken her to one aunt’s house riding 15km on a bicycle. Because of that aunt’s request, she had been taken to Puttalam hospital in a trishaw. She was burnt at about 7.00am in the morning and was being  admitted to the hospital at around 1.42pm in the afternoon.

Before admitting in the hospital, Thusitha had threatened Sadamali not to tell the truth, but to tell that it occurred at the hearth and if not he would let her die. So, she had lied to the hospital police post of the Puttalam hospital.

On 05.12.2011 Sadamali’s mother went to see her daughter at the Puttalam hospital.

According to her mother on 06.12.2011 at around 7.00pm, once again the hospital police post had recorded a confession from Sadamali. At that time Sadamali’s cousin Nirosha Malkanthi was staying with her. Only on that day Sadamali confessed to the hospital police post that she was burnt by Thusitha.

On 07.12.2011 between 12.00 pm to 3.00pm a confession had been recorded from her by a police personal attached to Saliyawewa police. At that time, her relatives were not allowed to stay there and they did not know as to what the policeman wrote.

While Sadamali was in the hospital her relatives and neighbors visited her.

On 07.11.2011 at around 12.00 in the afternoon several numbers of relatives and neighbors came to see her while her cousin Nirosha Malkanthi was with her. One neighbor called Kumara had asked Sadamali as to what happened? Who did this? Did you yourself burnt your body?. For that Sadamali had said that she was burnt by Thusitha and her statement was been recorded by her cousin Nirosha through her mobile phone.

On 13.05.2011 Sadamali died. At the very moment of her death, she had asked as to what was the wrong she committed for Thusitha to burn her alive in that way.

She was warded in the hospital for 10 days and all these days her mother and Cousin Nirosha Malkanthi have stayed with her.

After the second day of burning Saliyawewa police had confiscated the burnt pieces of her skirt and the kerosene oil lamp.

On 14.05.2011, acting Magistrate of Puttalam MC went to Thusitha’s house and conducted an inquiry. The bed, both Thusitha and Sadamali slept and other things in the house were taken away; the people in that house had abandoned the house on 04.12.2011 on which day she was burnt down. The Magistrate brought back the bed to the house via Thusitha. When Magistrate visited the house only the thing left was the kerosene oil lamp which too had been taken away by the Magistrate.

On 11.12.2011 Thusitha was arrested by Saliyawewa police and was produced before the acting Magistrate who released him on a cash bail of Rs.50,000/=.

On the 14th Saliyawewa police recorded confessions from Sadamali’s parent at the Puttalam hospital. On 15.12.2011 the dead body of Sadamali was buried at Nilabamma cemetery. One day, after seven days of her death, both Sadamali’s parent and few relatives went to Saliyawewa police. They inquired the OIC about burning to death of their daughter, admitting her at hospital in a hidden manner, not informing it to the parent by the police and not initiate proper investigation regarding the incident.

The OIC had called the two policemen who recorded the confession and asked as to why she was taken around. They had said that she was taken to the 17th junction hospital. Then the OIC had asked as to why she was taken to Thusitha’s aunt’s house. Then they had said that to dress her with a night dress. The parent had asked them as to why they failed to inform of the crime. They had not reply to that.

The parents said that they had a recording of Sadamali’s voice and had requested them to listen to it. They had said that they did not need it and had asked them to produce it at the Court. Both the police officers did not mention the date of the next court hearing. When the OIC asked them about it they had said that they forgot to tell it. The OIC said that the next court hearing will be on 03.01.2012. After that they came to know the bearing number of the case is BR/1740/11/P.

Sadamali’s parents went and met an Attorney at Law, named Pasal to hire him for the case, but he was the Acting Magistrate who came to Thusitha’s house and conducted the inquiry. He said that he is a witness in this case, this was a burning by someone else and he believed it to 95%. He asked the parent to find another lawyer.

They also met the coroner. He too had said that this was a burnt case by someone and he had further mentioned that the reports were sent to the AG.

On 03.01.2012 the parents of Sadamali went to the Court for hearing of the case bearing number BR/1740/11/P . The policeman Rajendra attached to Saliyawewa police told Sadamali’s father that the case was useless because there was no eye witness.

After six months of hearing of the case, Thusitha was released due to the instructions of the AG.

The above information had proved Saliyawewa police acted partially to Thusitha Priyaranga who was earlier attached to the same police station and after that attached to Karuwalagas wewa civil defense force where he was accused in a rape case. Saliyawewa police did not make due inquiry, did not disclose the information regarding the incident, did not produce the relevant information before the court and used influence to hide the incident.

After going through the police extracts submitted to him – the Solicitor General Mr. Palitha Fernando had instructed the Senior Superintendent of Police to discharge the accused Thusitha Priyaranga.

On 31.10.2012, Sadamali’s mother Shriyani Ramyalatha made a written complaint to the IGP Illangakoon and the AG Palitha Fernendo and requested to conduct impartial inquiry into the murder, once again note down evidence and initiate the case to ensure them justice.



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