NA/ 04/ 11/ 2012;- Principal, A Buddhist monk, breach the right for education of a student.

Mawala Liyanage Malkanthi is a 33 year’s old married mother with two children. She resides at 255/D 06, Andaragaha Road, Kaludavala, Panadura. Her son Samila Priyankara Silva is a 15 years old student who studies in year 10 Class of K/Panadura Bavuddaloka Vidyalaya/School.

One day, in October 2012, after school Samila went to  Wekada Temple, which is adjoining the school to take his bicycle which was parked there. He usually goes to school by bicycle and parks it in the said temple for its safety and attends class at the school.

On the said day, when he went to the temple to take his bicycle, a child named Munnissar who too studies in the same school was standing there. Munnissar gave a beautifully wrapped parcel to Samila and went away.

After a while, Samila went around looking for him in order to return the parcel, however he could not find him. So he threw the parcel away on to a place in the school where a building was destructed and he left for home.

The following day Samila went to school. After the morning congregation/assembly, school prefects checked the bags of all students and found the said parcel in the bag of a classmate of Samila called Neranjan.

The prefects handed over the parcel to the teacher of History named Lalith. The said teacher called Neranjan and inquired him about the parcel. Neranjan said that he picked the parcel after had seen Samila threw it away.

On 30.10.2012, after Samila had gone to school as usual, Samila’s father received a telephone call from school and both, he and his wife went to the school. The principal of the school is a Buddhist monk, called Hadigalle Wajira Thero. He told the parent of Samila to remove him from the school. Although, Samila’s father refused to do so, the principal forced the parent to remove Samila from the school.

After that the vice-principal, a lady teacher called Kamani gave Samila’s mother a form and asked her to sign it. She signed it without having a second thought. Another teacher filled up the form and got the signature of vice-principal Kamani, instead of the principal Hadigalle Wajira Thero. After that they dismissed Samila from the school. It was mentioned that the reason for removing the child from school was of parent’s wish to admit the child in another school. Samila’s class mate Niranjan was also removed from the school. However, no action was taken against Munnissar who gave the said parcel to Samila. He still studies at the same school.

On the 30th , Samila’s parent went directly to the Panadura South Police from the school. However, their complaint was not recorded due to the saying that the matter should be direct to the HQI.

After some time, the HQI took all details from them and went outside saying them that he would call them.

The following day Samila’s parents went to the Regional Education Office, Kalutara The Director of the Regional Education Office took telephone call to the Buddhist monk and said that it was very unjust to remove Samila from the school while keeping the student who brought drugs to the school. For that, the principal, the monk replied that the parents removed the child willingly. The Director promised the parents that he would admit Samila to another school.

On 05.11.2011, Samila and his parents again went to Panadura South Police because they did not receive a telephone call as promised by the HQI. When the Police summoned the Principal Hadigalle Wajira Thero to the police station for an inquiry, he came there accompanying two teachers of the school.

The OIC of the minor complaint division spoke to both the parties. The parents questioned the monk whether it was not unfair to keep the wrongdoer at school and remove their child. Then he justified it by saying that the culprit was sitting/doing the examination.

They also pointed to the monk that said student Munnissar was caught for bringing drugs to school on an earlier occasion, however no action was taken against him. For that the monk remained silent.

The police officer said that nothing could be done by the police and asked the parents to go to Human Rights Commission and also to complain to the Regional Education Officer. After that the said police officer himself recorded the complaint from the parent.

Samila’s mother made written complaints to the relevant authorities and requests to re-admit Samila at the same school and ensure his right for education who was illegally dismissed from the school by the principal called Hadigalle Wajira Thero under false statements that Samila’s mother willingly removed the child from the school,


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