A paradise of disappearance

Sri Lanka may come to number one if there are countries which ignore its accountability towards their citizens. It has been more than two years since Chaminda Kumara was disappeared. It is a barbaric act to ignore this disappearance as a responsibility of the government.

Lakshman Chaminda Kumara was 38 years old when he was disappeared. He resided at Pannipitiya, old Kottawa road and was conducting a winkle.

On 1st July 2010 in the morning a person came in front of the house and called his name saying there was a bicycle to be repair. This group of people attached to Mirihana police. The family members had taken food for him according to a telephone call received that Chaminda Kumara was in their custody. They identified that he was under went torture. Next day Mirihana police came to the house and said that he was ran away.

The relatives informed the human rights commission and the police replied that such a person was not arrested. Torturing people who are being arrested, killing them and disappear them is not a new one to Sri Lanka police. In this type of a situation make a big lie is an inherited character of the police. The responsibility of the government is to inquire out what was happened to Chaminda Kumara. It is an accountability of a civilized country. Chaminda Kumara was a person of criminal record. He was imprisoned for several times. But the government could not finish his life. The government is responsible for everything that has done by the police.

Translated to English

By Harshi C. Perera



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