Pouring chilly juice to eyes by Dodangoda police.

Ranasinha Arachchilage Kanthi Ranasinha lodged written complaints to Sri Lanka human rights commission, the IGP, the SSP, Kaluthara on 07th August 2012. She is a 41 years old mother of two children. She resides in Rendapola, Dodangoda. 16 years old Vinod Lakshan who is a carpenter by profession is her son.

On 04.08.2012 at around 2.30 in the evening Lakshan was arrested by police personal including the OIC Nimal Perera attached to Dodangoda police. He was released by asking to come again at 8 pm. Again at 7.30 pm he was arrested by Dodangoda police and took to the police station.

He was tortured. Kanthi made a request from the OIC Nimal Perera to refrain from assaulting her son because he is a kidney patient. On the 5th when Kanthi visited the police to see her son he told her that police poured chilli juice to his eyes and assaulted him. On the 6th when Kanthi visited him she heard the same story from her son.

At around 4.30 pm he was produced before the Mathugama Magistrate court and handed over to the probation. From there he was sent to Makola child detention center. On 05.08.2012 Kanthi informed this injustice to the hot line of the human rights commission. Now he is being at Makola remand prison.

Through written complaints to the relevant authorities Kanthi requested to take legal and disciplinary actions against the police personal including the OIV Nimal Perera attached to Dodangoda police and provide medical treatment for her son who is being in Makola remand house.

Harshi C. Perera


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