Sugath Ranathunga is a 38 years old businessman. He resides at no 132/2, Nadukaradeniya, Paradise, Kuruvita, Rathnapura. On 16.02.2011 the Officer in Charge of Kuruvita police acted to transport soil to license lands using bakos for mining gems on the roads of Paradise junction to road of Radio Ceylon. Sugath complained this illegality to the Inspector General of Police over the phone. The IGP asked him to send the names of persons whom were involved and the map of the road. So Sugath faxed the names of persons involved in the incident. But the Sri Lanka police did nothing to stop this illegal mining. Instead of that the police has filed fabrication of charges against Sugath and tried to remand him. One of the bearing numbers of these false cases was B 764/11. In this case the police told the magistrate that they could not proceed with the case and withdraw it. As a result Sugath was released. The other false case against him is 1554/11. Due to this case Sugath was arrested on 14.09.2011 on the charge of damaging public property and remanded him. On 07.10.2011 he was released on bail. The case is still pending at the courts. Now Kuruvita police tries to arrest him another lawsuit which bearing number is B 1223/12. On 03.08.2012 Sugath made written complaints to the human rights commission, the national police commission, the IGP, the DIG of Ratnapura and the SSP of Ratnapura. He requested through these complaints to take legal action against the Kurivita OIC who filled fabrication of charges against him and stop his effect to file more fabrication of charges against him and take legal action against the OIC’s illegalities and ensure the safety of Sugath and his family members.

Harshi C. Perera