Day after Poya day arrack brought to school.

Muditha Mihiraka is a year 12 student at Gnanodaya School in Kaluthara. In Sri Lanka 3 rd of July was an Esela poya daya. Day after this poya day the students of this school observed sill. On that day the students brought tea in coca cola bottles. Teachers found arrack in one of these bottles. The principal and some of the teachers alleged Muditha for brought arrack to the school which was both Muditha and his parents vehemently. The principal told Muditha not to attend school. Muditha’s father complained to the relevant authorities including the human rights commission about this injustice on 18.07.2012. They were called to appear before the Kalutara South police on 23.07.2010 regarding the complaint made by Muditha’s father. At the inquiry the principal remained in a strong position and mentioned that he does not take Muditha to school unless a law above imposes it. He too mentioned that he wants to protect 2500 students.  On 23.07.2012 Muditha’s mother again complained to the human rights commission, the Director of Education, the Women and child burea, and the Child Rights Authority. We urge the relevant authorities to consider and concern about the future generation unless trying to protect the principals and teachers who violate the right to education of children and who are unable to maintain the disciplinary in schools due to their inability and inefficiency.

Harshi C. Perera



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