Sri Lankan society which is turning to a tribal society all most all qualities of it have been deteriorated. These qualities are democracy, good governance, human rights, rule of law and reconciliation. These are being replaced with crimes, fraud, corruption, suppression, family rule, land grabbing in the North and militarization. The media has reported there is tendency to allow UNHRC people to visit the country. Allowing to the UNHRC delegation to visit Sri Lanka is a positive sign. Now Sri Lankan government is being alleged critically for land grabbing in the North and East by the military. According to electronic media the Northerners allege Rajapaksha regiment for asking permission to burial of their loved ones. The image of Sri Lanka in the international community is a chilly one. To change, the government should allow all the UNHRC people to freedom of movement in the every part of Sri Lanka and ensure the freedom of expression with every group of people.